Resource conflict with AGP or PCI Bridge, MVP3 motherboards and AGP video cards

1. HELP! : Network card conflict with AGP Video card.

I'm trying to install Redhat Linux 6.1 on a Celeron 300A computer with
the following stuffs:
AGP Video card : 3D Trident 985
Network card : D-Link (don't have specific brand number)
128MB of RAM

After configuring the network card, I tried rebooting the computer.
I got a message saying that eth 0 failed to startup.

Further down the screen there was a message along the line that
"Non-Prefetchable address .... " for the network card and a similar
message for the video card.  I've little or no linux expertise so I'm
guessing that there's a hardware conflict between network card and
video card.

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