Dual Scan LCD under X 4.0.2

Dual Scan LCD under X 4.0.2

Post by David Goodenoug » Thu, 12 Apr 2001 16:22:32

Back in the days of 3.3.2, there was support for the elderly Western
WD90C24 chip, and its Dual Scan mode.  Apparently later 3.3.x versions
dropped this support.  I have had a couple of systems which needed this
and so I kept them back level.  But now I need to upgrade other bits of
systems, and it is getting hard not to upgrade X as well.  Has anyone
4.0.2/3 to support these beasts?  If not does anyone have any pointers
as to
where the kind of fix introduced into 3.3.x to support them needs to go.

Oddly also although there is explicit support for these chips in
(or at least in its source), SuperProbe never finds them.

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