xmkmf X11R6 problems?

xmkmf X11R6 problems?

Post by John Spick » Sun, 29 Jan 1995 10:46:36

        I've been told that there are problems with X11R6 that may cause
xmkmf to work improperly.  Can anyone verify this?  Is there a fix for it?
Any help would be appreciated.  

  John Spickes - Undergraduate - UMCP - http://www.wam.umd.edu/~jspickes


1. X11R6 Contrib xmkmf problem


I'm compiling X11R6 for Solaris 2.3 and have run across a problem
with the contrib software compilation.

I compiled the core distribution with very little trouble (used
gcc v2.4.5) and set ProjectRoot as /opt/X11.  The installation seems to
be fine (it runs :-) ).

I ran xmkmf -a in the contrib subdirectory and makedepend failed
on the showfont software as it was not able to find FSlib.h.  FSlib.h is
in: /opt/Xll/include/X11/fonts, but the Makefile created by xmkmf
doesn't have this path (the paths in the Makefile are all relative
to TOP=..).

Where have I gone wrong?  Is there an include file path parameter
that I needed to set for installation?  Does the path above
(/opt/X11/include/X11/fonts) look reasonable?  Is there something
wrong with showfont?

Thanks for any input/advice.  I'm new to Imakefiles and xmkmf, so
your help is much appreciated,

Lynn Kubinec

Computer Science Department     Michigan State University

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