Laptop mouse problem Accupoint

Laptop mouse problem Accupoint

Post by berni » Wed, 05 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I just installed Debian GNU(!:-)/Linux 1.2 on my
toshiba 110 CS and nearly everything runs fine...
The problem appears sometimes when I'm using Netscape2
(especially when I'm reading the news, no kidding !)
-- my mouse pointer goes crazy and starts going up.
Sometimes it stops before the top of the screen,
sometimes not.

The 'protocol' is set to 'Microsoft' in XF86Config.

P.S: I am running a remote Netscape via a PLIP link,
when I run ping some packets are 'timeout' but I
don't think there's a relation between this and the
mouse problem... is there ?
and BTW, here should I post for my 'PLIP timeout' ?

        Bernard Fabrot


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