Diamond Stealth 3D 2200 - Does anyone konws how it runs with X?

Diamond Stealth 3D 2200 - Does anyone konws how it runs with X?

Post by Joerg Feldman » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00


Does anyone has experiences with the Diamond Stealth 3D 2200 card?
Is there a possibility to use any X-Server, espescially a SVGA-Server with 256
colors to get run with this card?
I get my Diamond started with the common 16-color mode, but in RES 640x480
 - that sucks!!!
 If anyone get a good Hack or any troubleshooting else, please contact me!

 Thanx in advance
 We need to work together Y.a.L.P. (Yet another Linux Prob)


1. Help needed fast: diamond stealth 3D 2200

I have ordered a new systeem yesterday, I thought that the trouble
with diamond card is history, but I am reading all kind off bad news
about the support for this card.
If this is a bad card for running X I can still change the

Could anyone help me out?

If this card is not suitable for running X could you recommend me
another card from diamond stealth.
(64 video 2121, 2201 or 3240).


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