Laptop video display fried. Configuration issue?

Laptop video display fried. Configuration issue?

Post by David L. Johnso » Sun, 09 May 1999 04:00:00

> I'm missing something here.  How is it possible for *any* sort of software
> configuration to so drastically*up the video hardware?

This _can_ happen.  It has happened to me with a CRT display before I had a
decent, well-supported video card.  It is more likely to happen with a laptop
because the display is far less flexible in terms of the inputs it can

Anyone trying to run X on a laptop should be veryu careful to use settings
that are within the range of the machine.  The originator of this thread seems
to have allowed the server to use a range of H (or V) refresh rates -- which I
bet he got from some generic settings.  The problem is that such a range might
work for most video cards and CRT monitors, but not necessarily for an LCD

You have to know the specs of your video card and monitor.  If you enter into
the XF86Config file a range that the equipment cannot handle, you are asking
for trouble.

For laptops it's best to ask around for someone else with the same hardware.


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Laptop video display fried. Configuration issue?

Post by Mark Swop » Wed, 19 May 1999 04:00:00

I think that the refresh rates are supposed to be in the
kilohertz range, not megahertz.  That would probably fry it.


Quote:>> I recently received a new Fujitsu Lifebook E351 with a Trident *9388
>> 2MB RAM video card and a 13" TFT.

>> I set it up to use the SVGA X window driver and selected a refresh rate
>> the 50-70 MHz range via Xconfigurator.  The minute I tried to start


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