X problems on #9 GXE 64

X problems on #9 GXE 64

Post by Torsten FASSIA » Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I have installed XFree86 (Slackware distribution) on my PC. My graphics
card is a #9 GXE 64 (2MB ram). After a few tries of putting the correct
settings into the XF86Config I got the X up and running. I can now open
windows and I have popup menus, ... but all the characters are
unreadable. In fact, I only have dots and lines where there should be
text (inside the windows, the menus, the window titles, ...).

Is this a problem with my card configuration or a font problem?

I would much appreciate any help I can get on this.

Thank you


1. (IBM Blue Lightn. + #9 GXE 64 VLB) = problems?

I bought a cheap #9 GXE 64 (VL bus version) from a mail order company.
I wanted to upgrade on the cheap from an old video card and the price
seemed right.  Unfortunately, once I got the card and plugged it in to
my IBM Blue Lightening motherboard, the system would not boot (yes, I
removed the old video card first).  The system goes through the POST
(displaying the memory test results just fine), but it simply clunks to
a halt before doing any disk activity (can't boot from floppy or HD).

After calling Number Nine and waiting on the phone for about 1.5 hours
(I think my cheap card just passed the $100 mark), the "expert" on the
phone claimed that the problem was due to an incompatible motherboard.
I called IBM and they claim that some S3 based cards may cause GPF's
under windows but that likely newer windows video drivers solve this
problem.  I never got to windows so this seems an unlikely explanation!

Anyone out there 1) have such a system (that does boot) or 2) have any
real insights to what may be going on?  I figure the video card is
broken and it has nothing to do with my MB, but I would be interested in
experience or information that would further inform this snap judgement.

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