Ask for opinions about Caldera Preview II

Ask for opinions about Caldera Preview II

Post by Manolo Samped » Mon, 09 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

I'm thinking in purchase Caldera Preview II, but before pay for it i
would like to know about its new features. Easier to install? Any
opinions are welcome. Saludos

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1. Getting installed Caldera Network Desktop Preview II with a 3c589B

Hello everybody,

I have got a Lion6500- Notebook and I am using a 3c589B-PCMCIA-card.
I want to install the Caldera Network Desktop via NFS.
So I have to use the Card. The default values are Irq 10 and I/O-Port
But the linux is using port 0x2e0 and irq 3.
So when I want to Mount a NFS directory, this message appears:

mount clntupd_create: RPC:Port mapper failure RPC: Timed out

I have tried to give linux the irq and the port-adress as

linux ether=10,280 or
linux ether=10,0x280h

but it didn't get it.

Could anybody help???



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