Strange xbiff / xlock behaviour ...

Strange xbiff / xlock behaviour ...

Post by Robert Manne » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 00:12:41

I have been running XFree 3.1 for several weeks now, without any major
problems. Yesterday, however, I upgraded my system to libc 4.6.27,
using the `image' distribution. Since then I've noticed two examples
of strange behaviour from X windows ...

1) The X11R5 version of xbiff, running under XF86 3.1, pops up its
flag when there is any mail is /usr/spool/mail/* rather than in just
/usr/spool/mail/MYUSERNAME. Specifying the file for it to look in has
no effect.

2) Xlock will not allow me in when I key in the correct password ...
Maybe its suddenly started looking for shadow passwords?

Does the new libc shared library implement the getuid() call
differently/wrongly? Or am I barking up the wrong tree here. These
binaries worked just fine until I upgraded libc.


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