segmentation errors

segmentation errors

Post by Scott Harp » Sat, 31 Dec 1994 00:51:09

I am having problems with a new Slackware/XFree 3.1 installation. I am new
to Linux, so I am unsure how to troubleshoot my problem from here.

After doing the Slackware Pro 2.1 installation, which appeared to go well.
I tried to compile the first program from an Introduction to X Windows by
Jones. After fixing a few problems with the program, I got it to compile,
but when I run the resulting binary I get a segementation error. I
initially wrote this off as something wrong with the program.

Now I install SWiM 2.0, and after installation, when I run mwm I get the
same Segmentation error. I am beginning to suspect that I have a deeper
problem with my installation.

What is a Segmentation error?

Any ideas on how I can narrow down my problem further?

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Harper

Scott Harper
Cisco Systems
Menlo Park, CA USA


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I have a printf("Starting\n"); statement as the first line in main().

It never gets there.

I compile each module as gcc -c -o module.o module.c
and link by: gcc module1.o module2.o ... -o newprog

In reading the FAQs, it seems that it could be due to rewritable strings...
but the code never even makes it to main(), so I doubt it..

Any ideas?

John Thomsen.

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