Dumb Newbie questions

Dumb Newbie questions

Post by Warren Deck » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I've got Redhat Linux 5.1 and am having all sorts of trouble starting
and running X windows.  when I try to start Netscape or Xterm I get a
message Unable to find display.  Xadm will start allow me to login
then hangs and won't let me do anything.  A cntl-alt-bkspace takes me
back to the X logon screen so I have to power off to get out.

What am I doing wrong???

Thanks in Advance


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I am setting up a dual-boot system at home.  RH6.1 will be booted via NT's
loader.  I have done this successfully when Linux was located on an IDE
drive, but I cannot get it to work when it is on a(n external) SCSI drive.

Symptom is that "LI" appears and that's it.  The system boots fine from
floppy and runs with no problems.

The SCSI controller is a Symbios (NCR 8C375?) and the SCSI drive is in an
external 10GB SCSI array of IBM drives resold by HP.  On POST the BIOS
reports "Boot ROM installed", so I am assuming the controller sees the
drives OK.  I did create partitions on each drive in the array and format
them under NT before deleting them and installing Red Hat.

Weird, huh?  Does anyone have an idea what is wrong and/or what I can do
to correct his problem?



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