What video card works best with X?

What video card works best with X?

Post by Bjorn Nord » Wed, 31 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Currently I have got a W32p based card, it works with the SVGA-server
and almost with the W32 server. However, I am planning to upgrade the
video to something faster and more compatible, but I am not sure what
card that works best together with X.

How about S3 64V+ and 16bpp? Will that work well?

There's nothing new about Matrox Millenium, I guess...?

When will the W32-server support more than 8bpp?

Any opinions? I don't want to sit there with a half-compatible card
this time... :-/
Bjorn Nordbo


1. Best Video Card - Best Sound Card - HELP!!

Your 2 cents worth please!

I want 16/32M AGP graphics with good 3D performance, a TV tuner (I
guess this needs a BT848 or similar), realtime video capture & playback
(some form of MPEG compression?). I don't need Linux support for the TV
or Video right away so long as it's in the pipeline. Am I expecting too
much from one card? Am I better off buying a graphics card and a
seperate TV/Video card - if so, please let me have your recommendations.

I am aware that some graphics card manufacturers have been hostile, or
less than helpful, to the open source community and I would prefer not
to buy their products, given a choice.

Regarding sound cards, most of the advice I have received points to the
sound blaster awe64 or such. What of the SoundBlaster Live! value or
quality clones.

All advice gratefully received.

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