Config for Nokia Multigraph 447X

Config for Nokia Multigraph 447X

Post by JW Hans » Fri, 26 May 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone have a working Xconfig for a Nokia Multigraph 447X?
I have a ATI VGA Wonder XL w/1MB and would like to get it working with the above monitor.


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Config for Nokia Multigraph 447X

Post by James C. Ahlstr » Mon, 29 May 1995 04:00:00

>Does anyone have a working Xconfig for a Nokia Multigraph 447X?

I have a Nokia 447x and a ATI Mach 64 WinTurbo card with 2 meg.
This is the modeline I use at 800x600.  Note that you have lots of
adjustment available with the Nokia 447x digital controls.

Section "Monitor"
    Bandwidth 110
    HorizSync   31.5 - 79.0
    VertRefresh 50-100

Modeline "ati800x600"     50.35    800  840  960 1024   600  614  620  660 +hsync +vsync

Jim Ahlstrom


1. startx freezes every time with NumberNine GXE/1Mb and Nokia Multigraph 447X


I have a 486 localbus computer with:

  NumberNine GXE Graphics board w/1mb
  Nokia Multigraph 447X monitor

I installed RedHat Linux 5.1. Now, I am trying (seems like every)
possible combination of Card, Server, Monitor via Xconfigurator.
Each time I "startx", the machine freezes and I have to reboot.
Based on the specs of my equipment, it seems I should use:
  S3 86C928(generic)
  Custom, VGA, 50-100hz, 1024k, 8 bit 640x480, clockchip 1cd2061a

Is there a simple low-performance XF86 VGA server that I can try to
just get some X windows working? Neither the GXE of 447X are
listed explicitly in the list of known cards and monitors. Every
reasonable combination I try just locks up the machine.

Any advice appreciated.


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