IGS chipset?? Cirrus Logic 54M30 vs. Trident 9680 ???

IGS chipset?? Cirrus Logic 54M30 vs. Trident 9680 ???

Post by Ryan Corn » Mon, 10 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I was wondering if anyone has gotten an IGS video chipset to work with X. If
not, are there any reccomendation on a Cirrus Logic GL 54M30, or a Trident
9680 - MPEG Accelarator. I'd like to get a card that works well with X.

Thanks for any help...Ryan


1. Trident 9680 Video Card vs. Cirrus Login 5430 Video Card


    I'm in a situation here...  Got my choice of a Trident 9680 or a Cirrus
5430 video card.  Both are PCI, both have 2 megs.  

    They're both supported under Win/NT 4.0..  Here's the rub - Which is the
better card under X-free86?  Are there problems with either of them?  I'd be
after 800x600x256, will these cards handle this mode under X?


             Heath Doane

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