HELP XF86Config for T1950CT (Toshiba)

HELP XF86Config for T1950CT (Toshiba)

Post by Jean-Luc Szpyrk » Thu, 12 Jan 1995 00:29:44

 I just installed XFree86 (with Slackware) and cannot get the X server running.
 Can someone please send me a proper XF86config file (I cannot find it in
 any modeDB.txt file) I cannot get the monitor section work properly.

 Thanks a lot.

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1. XFree86Config for Toshiba T1950CT

Hello there,

I am trying to configure XFRee86 for a Toshiba 1950 CT which has
the Western Digital WD90C24 Chip. This is supported through the WD90C30

I managed to run X on an external monitor (NEC 4FG), but would like to
get it running on the Active Matrix laptop screen. Does anyone have any
experience with configuring this in XFree86Config? I only get snow on
the screen.


Jan Stevens

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