X-Server for Avance Logic cards.

X-Server for Avance Logic cards.

Post by Rich Jam » Fri, 14 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Anyone know if there are Xservers out there for the Avance logic
chipsets??   There are drivers for them (The AL2101 chipset I think), but
when I try running in 16 bpp, it simply tells me that it can detect the
configured card, but doesn't support the chipset in that mode...
Anyone out there help, or is it a case of change my card???
I'm using Xfree86 (latest version) and the SVGA Xserver.  With RedHat 4.0
As I do a lot of graphical work, I'd like to get the 16bpp colour..

Thanks in advance for the help..  



1. Server for Avance Logic 2228 Graphics Card

Does anyone know if a X server for the above card is avialable.

If not can anyone write a Xconfig file for e that will work using the generic
svga to use 640x480 mode as I can only get it work in 320x240.

Thanks in advance


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