3DLabs Oxygen GVX1 support

3DLabs Oxygen GVX1 support

Post by Lolke H. Bijlsm » Mon, 24 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I'm trying to convert my workstation at work to a Linux box,
the biggest obstacle seems to be the graphics card, a
3DLabs Oxygen GVX1. I've tried both XFree86 3.3.6 and 4.0.1 but
I couldn't get it to work (using the glint or Oxygen mx driver).
I'm currently using the framebuffer driver so at least I can
use X but I'd like to be able to use vmware and that requires
an accelerated driver so is there support for this card?


Lolke Bijlsma
lbijlsma at enteract dot com


1. 3DLabs Oxygen GVX1

  I am also looking for a similar solution. I haven't been able to get my
Oxygen card to work in any graphics mode except 640x480 from the SVGA
driver. I am not against re-installing 3.3.6 if this is known to get some
results. Anyone have any ideas? Oddly enough the mouse pointer is often
visible when it is trying to activate a graphics mode.



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