help with changing font resolutions

help with changing font resolutions

Post by William F. Kappau » Fri, 09 May 1997 04:00:00

I just installed Redhat 4.1 with Metro X server.  During installation I
installed the 100dpi fonts.  Afterwards I wished I had installed the 75dpi

I can remove the installed fonts and install the 75dpi fonts using rpm, but
when I do, I cannot run any of the graphical control panel tools.  Get
error about missing font.

I can re-install the 100dpi fonts and all is well.

Does anyone know where in the system I must configure to make this font

The error I get is is a TCLError.

Thanks for any help.


1. Changing font resolutions

I apologize if this comes across as a real dumb newbie question :), but
here goes. I have installed both the 75 dpi and 100 dpi fonts in my
configuration (, but, although I've looked through all the docs
I can, I cant work out how to define which set is active. I'd appreciate
any and all help.


Des Dougan

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