Newbie - X-windows influence on text mode

Newbie - X-windows influence on text mode

Post by Jakub M. Bry » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00

When I run x-windows(s3savage3d + SVGA -3.3.6),text mode on other consoles
crushes.It is flickering and trembling.Shuting X-windows doesn't help -I've
got to rebbot machine.I've tried changing x-server(VGA3.3.6) but it didn't
help.I don't know what to do - please help me...



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Hello everybody,

I had some problems with the installation of X-windows on my DELL
inspiron notebook (SuSE 7.0). First I tried a resolution of 1024x768,
but fonts seemed to be blured. I had the some problem under windows with
this resolution. So I believe this is due to the fixed resolution of the
display. Hence I switch to 1400x1050, which works pretty nice under both
operating system. The problem is, that when I switch from the graphical
display to one of the text console (via Ctrl-Alt-1) the display is
constantly flashing and shows everything twice or more. This is probably
due to a wrong hsync frequence. It seems, that my installion is not
caplable of restoring the right frequences when switching back to the
text mode. While booting everything is fine, but after starting X (I use
KDE as window manager) I cannot restore text mode. Since I really need
the text mode in the case of a hanging X-system, I hope that somebody of
you might know answer.

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Lars Diening

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