Help - small but annoying glitches in my XFree installation

Help - small but annoying glitches in my XFree installation

Post by p.. » Fri, 03 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I installed Linux (Slackware 2.3) and XFree quite successfully, apart from a few glitches I keep running into in X :

* Most of the time, pull-down menu-items aren't highlighted when I point to them - even when they're active. However,
this concerns only the menus *inside* X-applications; the "close-box" menu (owned by the window manager) works fine. But
for example when I open Xman, I am unable to select any menu item. Strangely enough, at times, it works fine... Any ideas

* My keyboard map loaded at Linux startup ( works fine under normal command line mode. In X however, I get
problems (like the # sign and the | sign are unavailable). Does X have its own keymap ? Where is it located ? And does it
use the same format as the normal Linux keymaps ?

* Finally, my vidcard is based on the S3 Trio32 chipset. It's got 1 Meg. I got X to run up to 1024x768 (on the side :
it does so with excellent screen quality; my windows 95 system, which I keep on a separate hard disk - they're removable
- doesn't run well in that mode, 800x600 is acceptable but 1024x768 is hell - shoot BG).
One problem remains : at the right side, at the edge of the X area I get a vertical white line of about 1 millimeter
large. What is the problem there ?