Window manager freezes machine in Caldera 1.3

1. X Window Manager Freezes System under COL 1.3

I'm having problems while running an X window manager session.
My system hangs while running KDE or fvwm and requires a power
recycle to restart.  I can't switch sessions or connect remotely.
The machine totally locks up.

It's getting really frustrating.  At first I thought it may
have been each time I was running Netscape, but it has been
happening very sporatically.  With apps running or without.
At a minimum I'm running two kvt terms and an xsysinfo window.

I'm running Caldera 1.3 with and upgraded 2.2.5 kernel, XFree86 3.3.2
and an upgraded KDE 1.1.  I also have a S3 Trio64 card.

I've heard suggestions for system overheating to gpm, but haven't
been able to pinpoit the problem.

Other than totally rebuilding the whole machine, I'm not sure
of any options.

Any suggestions?


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