PLEASE HELP: xdm erratically crashes x-server

PLEASE HELP: xdm erratically crashes x-server

Post by Scott Arringto » Wed, 20 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I've been having strange problems running xdm and can't find any info
anywhere; maybe some of you gurus can help.

My Hardware:
        a new Dell Dimension XPSPro200n
        64Meg RAM
        3.2Gig EIDE HD, 2G in WinNT4.0, 1Gig in Linux native
        Number Nine Reality S3ViRGE card
        Slackware 96 from cd-rom
        XFree86 3.2 from download, running XF86_S3V server

My Problem and Its History (in brief)
        I tired of logging in only to type startx and quitting X only to type
logout;  and with a roommate who knows jack about anything but windows,
i thought xdm would be my best bet.  Read the book, tested things out by
typing init 4 as root.  So far so good.
        Things looked great;  edited /etc/inittab to set level 4 as default;
rebooted.  So far so good.
        Logged in, and suddenly was in twm -- i use fvwm because i'm used to
Motif here at school and fvwm is apparently the default for XF86 version
3.1.1 on the slkware96 cd.  No bother, wanted to test out the system.
        Logged in and out a few times.  Each time the monitor clicked as the
window managers swapped.  At one fateful logout -- screen went dark,
monitor clicked, and then brought up a pattern of red and yelloy
vertical pinstripes, with a * soft whine.  
        Panicked, jabbed the restart button.
        Assumed the problem was with constantly switching from twm to fvwm and
back.  Found the files in /use/lib/X11/xdm/ and changed from twm to
fvwm.  restarted.
        Logged in and logged out a few times, testing reconfigurations of fvwm
(changing "Quit?" to "Log Out?" and different GoodStuff options, etc).
Noticed that there were no longer * wm changed on logIN, but on
logOUT, still the annoying clicks, and every so often the panic-inducing
        I tried changing the fvwmrc command from quit to logout, but this
obviously doesn't work.

I'm really afraid this is going to damage my hardware; is it an X config
problem, or an xdm config problem?  Its never happened when using
startx, but xdm and startx are quite different.

Pleasepleasepleaseplease help me!  anybody

Please e-mail me in addition to posting, as i check mail much more often
than news.

        scott arrington

p.s. any info on webservers for linux would be greatly appreciated (i
want to have my web pages available regardless what OS i'm in)