Cirrus Logic 6235 & fvwm92 - bottom bar is scrambled

Cirrus Logic 6235 & fvwm92 - bottom bar is scrambled

Post by Ron Klimaszewsk » Tue, 26 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Just installed Redhat 4.0 without a hitch.

Display works great - except for bottom bar.

Running on a Passive Matrix portable capable of only 640x480.  I've
chosen the CL-GD6235 chip with Generic Monitor, Customer, etc. to no
avail.  I just can't seem to get the bottom bar to display properly.

Probeonly reports that it is simulating 800x600, and the panning works

Please e-mail your great and wonderful ideas.




1. X with Cirrus-logic 6235.

    I recently got slackware linux 1.2.0 from a distributor on 3.5 disks.
    I had to return it, because it was not booting(the boot disk was unusable).

    Then I tried a linux version from a friend, and it was OK.

    I have a Cirrus-logic vga card model # 6235 and a notebook mono display.

    The XF86_SVGA supports this card, because I saw the driver name
    by executing "X -probeonly >&/tmp/out"
                 "cat /tmp/out"
                 "X -showconfig"

    However when I run XF86_SVGA, the screen and keyboard freeze.
    The I changed Xconfig modes section data and I got a weird image
    after running X.

    The modeDB.txt, README.cirrus, VideoModes.doc
    did not help me very much!

    I tried to compute the modes data in Xconfig, but did not get anywhere.

    The help files say that cirrus-logic 6235 is like 5420 but with
    clock data = about 25. I tried some modes from 5422, 5426
    but no good.

    I even let the X server probe the VGA card/display for clock data
    and I put the probed clock data in Xconfig.

    After all that I found out that the clock must be set to 25.
    I stiil do not have a correct mode data section in Xconfig.
    Can anybody help?

    I only need the mode data for 640x480 resolution.

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