Help with X and MS Inport Bus Mouse

Help with X and MS Inport Bus Mouse

Post by Hal Star » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I had this working once but I reinstalled and am not sure I have my XF86Config
etup right for a Microsoft Inport Busmouse. It works fine with selection at the
console but when I start X its all over the screen ( the pointer ) and when I ex
it X I get a message that says "warning unable to get status of Mouse fd (Invali
d argument)". Could someone shoot me their XF86Config for the bus mouse?

Its complied into the kernal by the way.

Thanks in advance. Hal


1. Bus Mouse - MS Inport Bus mouse will not work

I have an MS InPort Mouse. It is from an early vintage, a "Dove Bar" SN
I have it hardware configured at Interrupt 5.
The mouse works correctly under the DOS mouse driver and passes hardware

I am Running RedHat Linux i386 v 5.2
I have read through and tried the combinations from the BusMouse-HOWTO
Specifically, I have booted with the LILO parameter > linux bmouse=5
Startup messages confirm that interrupt 5 is assigned to the bus mouse:
"Logitech bus mouse detected, using IRQ 5" Followed by:
"ATI Inport Bus mouse detected and installed."
gpm gives an error on startup " gpm: /dev/mouse : Operation not supported by
My /dev/mouse is a link to /dev/inport which is at major device number 10,
minor 2.
I have tried using XF86Setup and configuring the mouse as:
Busmouse, Microsoft, Logitech as suggested by the HOWTO

None of it works.
Any ideas making the little beast operate?

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