Help for X with sis 630

Help for X with sis 630

Post by Antonio Di Ferdinand » Tue, 19 Jun 2001 17:53:34

I've a notebook with a sis 630 video device and can't run X 'cause an
Errno 2.
Is there someone with the same problem and/or a solution?
Thanks in advance.



1. Problems configuring XFree with SiS 630 chip

I've problems configuring XFree for my laptop.

I've an IPC Laptop with an SiS 630 graphic chip. To install Linux I used
Suse7.0 and I tried to configure X with sax and xf86config.

But whatever tried, any mode 640x480 to 1024x768 or any config tool, the
resulting display misses lines at the bottom of my LCD screen. For 800x600
or 1024x768 also at the right of the display large amounts of pixels are
missing. For 640x480 it seems to be only few lines missing, but for the
larger modes about half the display is missing both at the bottom and at
the right.

Using xfine to change the height or the width doesn't change anything.

Is there anyone who can help?

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