XF86Config & Samsung SyncMaster 3Ne 14" - ?

XF86Config & Samsung SyncMaster 3Ne 14" - ?

Post by Kostya 'KCC' Serebrian » Sat, 14 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hello everyone!

I have some problems in setting up XF86_Mach64 server on my Linux.
The best thing I have is a picture with three (four or five - depends on

mode) cursors. And it is blinking.
XF86Setup and Xconfigurator does not help, but while editing XF86Config
by hands I've got almost nothing.

My system:
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 3Ne 14"
VideoCard: ATI Mach64 3d Expression with TV-out (4Mb)
OS: Linux RadHat 4.2
X-version: 3.3.1

Thank you very much.

PS I am sorry for my English.