Help: X does not run on REVTO486 high speed mode

Help: X does not run on REVTO486 high speed mode

Post by Jixiang Zh » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I bought a REVTO486 upgrade chip from Evergreen technologies to upgrade my
386DX-25 running linux.  REVTO486 is a TI486SXL2-50 which I believe is something
similar to Cyrix 386-486 hybrid chip with 8kb L1 cache.  Unlike a 486DX, the chip
does not have an on-chip math coprocessor.  It came with a dos software called
486cache.exe which I run in DOS to set the chip to run at either 25 Mhz or 50Mhz.  

   I run this program in DOS then I use LOADLIN to boot up linux.  At 25 Mhz,
everything runs fine with linux.  But at 50 Mhz, X does not run!  I got a message
says floating point error.  I thought the problem might be that the system think
the cpu is a real 486 and try to use the on-chip math coprocessor.  So I
recompiled the kernal with no 486 optimization.  It did not help.  Any help is
greatly appreciated.

   Here is my system configuration.

REVTO486: Ti486SXL2-50
running at 50 Mhz with cache on (Bogomips=19.85)
ruuning at 25 Mhz with cache on (Bogomips=9.8)
running at 25 Mhz with cache off(Bogomips=7.1)

intel 387 math coprocessor
Trident 8900c SVGA with 1 MB
Micronics motherboard

Jixiang Zhu


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