XWin 3.3.1 (redhat) Root BS works/ user's doesn't!

XWin 3.3.1 (redhat) Root BS works/ user's doesn't!

Post by Ka » Thu, 09 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Here's an interesting problem.  Currently running redhat 4.2 w/X win
3.3.1 with default FVWM2-95.  Problem, the Backspace key works under
root consul, but does not under a user account.  Even with identical
Xdefaults files, and virtually the same configurations (I checked for
differences under the user's home dir and the root's home dir).  I've
also tried adding the line:
        XTerm*ttymodes: erase ^? Kill ^U intr ^C quit ^\ eof ^D susp ^Z start

to my app-defaults/XTerm (an NXTerm files).  

Also has anyone ever got the PPP connection through the redhat network
control pannel to work?

P.S. please also email reply, thanks!