xdm logout problem

xdm logout problem

Post by Sebastian Bun » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I've encountered a very strange problem when using the xdm program
either with XFree86 3.1 or 3.1.1 (latest slackware).

when I either start in my ~/.xsession file or in ~/.xession and
.fvwmrc (Exec "I" program) several programs or settings
xhost +someserver
xset fp tcp/myhost:7000

and THEN either in the startup file(s) or from an xterm start
xsetroot -solid grey55 - and then select the logout on the fvwm menu:
Quit "Logout":
I can not restart the xdm! screen is black - nothing can be done
except rebooting (I can kill all xdm stuff from a telnet session
from another computer, but nothing happens anymore at the console).

I tried it with xdm, xdm -nodaemon - the same. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace works.
But NOT the logout option in fvwm.

When I only start xclock, xbiff and xterm logout works.

Any ideas how to overcome this? A bug in xsetroot ?

Thanks, Sebastian

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Any and all help would be appreciated,


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