AccelStar Permidia II chipset problem

AccelStar Permidia II chipset problem

Post by Alex » Mon, 08 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone made an attempt and succeeded in making to work AccelStar
Permidia II video card under RH5.2 with ? I tried XF86Setup as
well as xf86config but no avail. does say that it supports it, and
indeed one can choose this from a card list (#110) but it fails  to start
whenever I enter 'startx' and computer locks up. Any help would be
appreciated. Please, mail directly to me.




1. AccelStar II video card installation problem in Suse!!

I am trying to install Suse in my computer, but having a problem when
setting up using sax command. The card the manufacturer of my computer gave
me is  AccelStar II. When I am selecting it in the menu shown, there is an
error saying
" X server can't be installed, install package xglint". I don't how to
install that package from the CDrom or download it from internet.

Thank you,

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