Help with Cirrus Logic GD5434

Help with Cirrus Logic GD5434

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Unable to get my graphics card to work with RH 5.2.  Pentium 120 Overdrive
processor, 56 MB EDO ram, Seagate 420 mb HD master, WD 3.1Gig slave, Cirrus
Logic GD5434 1MB (can expand to 2 mb) video card on my motherboard (Intel
Neptun  Merker/PCI chipset).
X86config  recognizes the video card, my monitor is a PB svga monitor ( I
also tried my iiyama MT9017E monitor ).  What happens is I get vertical
lines and snow and I can see the Xwindows screen but everything is fuzzed
out so I can't read anything.  I haven't loaded the new kernel or the new
X86 upgrade.  RH 5.2 recognizes my AWE 64 and it works, my pioneer cd-rom
works too.  Just can't get the on-board graphics card to work.  Tried 8, 16
and 32 bit mode.  same problem

Please help


1. Zenith with Cirrus Logic GD5434 video HELP!!

We just got new computers at work, and the video doesn't seem to work
with XF863.1.1 These new P5's have Cirrus GD5434 cards.  I run
xf86config (with no probe as it suggests), and with the correct
setting from that card (i.e. looking at the card database).

However, when I start it, the screen looks awful (with lines, slashes,
dots, and other unreadable things on the screen).

Please help, I need X.
Please respond via email.


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