Mandrake 6 Diamond Speedstar A50 setup

Mandrake 6 Diamond Speedstar A50 setup

Post by CP de la Cru » Sat, 10 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I'm trying to set up X on Linux-Mandrake 6.0 using the Xconfigurator
utility.  My monitor (NEC Multisync 3FGe) and video card (Diamond Speedstar
A50) are selected on the utility menus.  However, X does not start properly,
with the screen changing to black for several seconds (with the "X", then
mouse pointer in the center of the screen and a tiny cluster of colored
pixels near the top of the screen) and then changing back to the set-up
screen reporting a X config error.  This happens whether I specify
video-card "Probe", or manually specify SVGA 8-bit 640x480.  If I force a
"startx", the desktop comes up but everything is on a black background with
no labels, and bubbles on icons come up black, and the desktop is unusable.

I have tried to use xf86config but I get the same problem.  This way, I can
toggle between resolutions, but I only have icons without labels on a black
background.  Also, my Genius NetMouse Pro pointer stays at the top edge of
the screen and only moves to the right.  I chose either PS2 or
Microsoft-compatible for my mouse protocol, but is this the right one?

The PC has a Celeron 300A overclocked at 450Mhz on a BH-6 motherboard with
128MB.  LILO default is set to DOS-Win98, which comes up fine in 1024x768
24-bit true color.  Any recommendations?

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1. RH v6.0 with Diamond Speedstar A50 & KDS VS-19sn - Help with X setup ...

I got this new machine with a Diamond Speedstar A50 (8MB) and a KDS
VS-19sn monitor. I tried to install RH linux 6.0 on it , everything
seems to be going fine till I reach the X installation. I choose the
card from the card database with the right chipset. I am prompted not to
select any clock chip settings so I don't. The monito isn't listed in
the monitors database so I choose custom. Enter the frequencies
manually. The next screen tells me that Xconfigurator will test my
settings and the screen blinks (which the prompt tells me is normal)
after that I the screen goes blank with only the mouse cursor visible
which can be moved. The Xconfigurator comes back to tell me that I have
some problems with my configuration and takes me back to the monitor
definitions. I have tried it will all the choices listed in the monitors
database but still the same.

So I weent ahead with the faulty X config and completed the
installation. Now when I run startx it the X server starts but most of
the GNOME screen has no colours, but I can see parrts of it eg: the
toolbar at the bottom.

Any suggestions what I should do ?? New to Linux, and the exp till now
has been terrible.


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