RedHat 5.2 - xpr missing

RedHat 5.2 - xpr missing

Post by Pete Gentr » Wed, 24 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'm trying to perform the "Print Window Bitmap" from within X3270, which
performs the following command sequence;

xwd -id ######## | xpr | lpr

This option fails with the message that xpr can not be found.  I have
searched my workstation using "find" and have found no hits.  There is no
man page on my workstation for xpr, but I do have one for xwd.

It appears though that the xpr command is not loaded.  I have been
unsuccessful in locating a reference in the RedHat manual as to what RPM
this may be in, if any.

Any pointers as to what I can do to resolve the mystery of this missing


Pete Gentry