FVWM question: how to raise window with MB1 click on body?

FVWM question: how to raise window with MB1 click on body?

Post by Richard L. Kennel » Sun, 03 Sep 1995 04:00:00

How can I configure FVWM so that I can raise a window by clicking MB1 on the
body of the window and still have the mouse event delivered to that

If I put the following line in my .fvwmrc file:

#       Button  Context Modifi  Fuction
Mouse   1       W       N       Raise

then I can raise the window by using MB1 but I can't use MB1 for
application functions.  (sort of limiting, you know.  8^)

Note that my intent is to avoid having to reach over to the titlebar or borders
to raise the window.  (I have really *y-tiny borders so that's hard to do
anyways) I can configure MWM to act like this and I've become quite accustomed
to it.


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1. Motifesque "click to raise" in FVWM issues?

I'm tweaking my system.fvwmrc, would like to enable user to click
anywhere in application window to raise app.  Which is easy to do

# mouse1 W N Raise

What doesn't work is that I'm then unable to select and copy from
xterm and family, or press menu selections, etc.  All click actions
are intercepted by the "raise" function.  Is there a way around this?
I thought that this was possible under Motif (mwm/vuewm on HPUX),
though I may be disremembering things.


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