X disp. problems help please ATI Xpert 98 AGP

X disp. problems help please ATI Xpert 98 AGP

Post by Jeff Ka » Fri, 23 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi I just did a redhat 5.1 install and had a few problems. one was LILO but
ignore that for know since I can still boot my sys with the boot disk.

Anyways, I have a

P II 266, 64 meg ram
ATI Xpert 98 AGP w/ 8 meg
Tatung CM-15VDE Monitor

I ran Xconfigurator and It detected my video card initially and suggested
the Mach64 chip ( which is right -- Suse's Xfree86 list of supported cards
put mine under the mach64 server ). It did however have trouble doing an
inital probe and asked me to specify the ram. I did, it probed again and
seemed to work.

I then entered my monitor data under custom ( since there was not a listing
for my exact monitor ). The value I entered were:

50 -100hz (vertical ).

I then selected all of the various resolution up to and including 1024 x 768
for 8, 16 and 24 bit colour. This all seem to go well.

However, when I ran startx the screen was not displaying properly. I could
sort of see the screen but it had rolling vertical lines and appeared to be
displaying the screen twice. I've seen this in windows if you try to use a
resolution higher than what the monitor is capable of , however in this case
as far as I can tell I am not.

Any ideas? help please... remove the obvious from the email


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Just wondering if anyone out there is using the either of these cards with
RedHat 5.2 or xfree86 3.3.2.  On RH's compatibility list it says the

What I would really like to know is this : is there a difference between

with RH 5.2.  Any suggestions of other relatively cheap (around $50) video
cards that are agp and work with RH 5.2 (out of the box) would be really
Dan Finn

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