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I have the problems with my 17" Philips monitor
"4CM4770"  . In fact I don't know how can I setting up
my XF86Config and which one of the XF86_* .
I have a Trident 9420 Card with 1Mbyte RAM .

Could you help me please.

thanks in advance
ps.: If you  mail to my addresse I would be more appreciated.
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I have a Philips Brilliance monitor working with Linux. The only problem
is that in order to adjust the settings, example; Move the whole screen
to the left/right : expand the screen length vertically/horizontally.
Normal things that someone can do done with normal knobs on a monitor.
Unfortunately Philips Brilliance monitors have special software to
control that. And my problem is....Philips does not supply such a
software for Linux. I have sent feedback to Philips, but have not gotten
a reply since.(Not counting the auto responder) ;-) Are there any
similar "drivers" or software available for this kind of problem? This
is not a software to control monitor resolution. It is a software that
will control where the screem appears on the monitor itself. All help
will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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