XFree 3.3.1 fixes ATI 3D Rage II Mach_64 on Redhat 4.2

XFree 3.3.1 fixes ATI 3D Rage II Mach_64 on Redhat 4.2

Post by Mike Moha » Fri, 21 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Downloading and installing the XFree 3.3.1 XF86_mach64 binaries for
a Redhat 4.2 system on a new Gateway 2000 fixed my video problems.



1. ATI 3D Xpression RAGE II setup on REDHAT 4.2

I just upgraded my video card to an ATI 3D Xpression RAGE II chip
and I've re-run Xconfiguraturator and I've tried customizing the XF86Config
file to suit my monitor and video card settings but I can't get X server to
start on RedHat 4.2.

I have an ADI Microscan 5P+ monitor.  It worked with my Expertcolor S3
Trio/64 card
great!  Now I have a more (SUPPOSEDLY) standard video card and I doesn't
at all?

I've downloaded the patch for the XF86_Mach32 server from the www.linux.org
site without any change.

Does anyone have any suggestions???



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