GLIBs, Paths, Kernels and other fun stuff.

GLIBs, Paths, Kernels and other fun stuff.

Post by RickDavi » Mon, 22 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I've recently installed Linux and I've been saving up some questions.
I'll try to keep them fairly organized.  *grin

I installed RH5.2, and am using kernel 2.0.35.  

I recently tried to install a couple of different programs, X11amp, Eterm, and
a couple of others.  I am able to download them and extract them to a
directory.  But inevitably, when I try to ./configure, I receive an error
message, typically about makeinfo not being there, or missing GLIB.  I thought
I could resolve the GLIB issue by upgrading to the newest GLIB/GTK+ 1.1.16 of
both.  The GLIB installed just fine (I think), but when I went to ./configure
for the GTK+, it indicated that I was still missing GLIB, or that I needed to
add it to my $PATH.  I looked around for where I was supposed to specify my
path (an old DOS guy here) but I didn't quite know what I was looking for, or
what I was supposed to add when I got there. When I typed 'whereis glib' I
and /usr/local/bin/glib-config
I'm not sure which of these (if any) that I'm supposed to be pointing to, where
I specify this, or if I'm barking up completely the wrong tree.  
I think I might be using an outdated gcc, it's the one that came with RH
I also think that I have an outdated kernel (again, built in, 2.0.35.)
Is it possible that these things are causing my problem?
If so, can anybody point me towards a URL which might have some information
about how you compile a new Kernel?

I know that's a page-full, but if anybody can enlighten me, I'd sure appreciate



1. Fun fun fun! :)

I upgraded xf 4.0 to xf 4.0.1 on my PPC running YDL 1.2 (redhat).  I
wanted the latest and greatest video driver... which seems to be very
nice, so far!!

Well, for anyone about to do this, be warned that the XF86Config file
has incorrect keyboard mappings for G4s, anyway.  You can copy the old
settings from the old config file, and you have to do some tweaking
since the config file format has changed, but I think it will be obvious
to you when you compare the two.

Good luck to anyone else out there who is getting ready to upgrade.  I
also upgraded gnome to helix-gnome last night...  that too was an
adventure.  But thanks to the many helpful people who read this
newsgroup, I was able to get through it!   :)


Mike J.

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