(Q) Use of external monitor

(Q) Use of external monitor

Post by Timothy Murp » Sun, 04 Nov 2001 09:12:09

I occasionally want to use my laptop (a Sony C1VFK PictureBook)
with an overhead projector system.
If possible I'd like to see the output on my laptop at the same time.

Unfortunately this system does not seem to like my XF86Config-4 file.
What is the best way to lower my specs temporarily?
And what if the hsync, etc, are different for the two devices?

Timothy Murphy  

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1. Using a laptop's external monitor port under Linux

: Greetings!
:   I have Linux running on my Compudyne 486/33 (4DX/33) Laptop
: computer. It has a port to connect an external SVGA monitor to
: that I would like to make use of. The only question is how to
: it. There is no entry in the BIOS setup menus that allow me to
: choose the external monitor versus the LCD display. The instruction
: manual / users guide that comes with it is basically useless in that
: they say "use the DOS utility VGACONF.EXE to select LCD, CRT, or
: BOTH..." Unfortunately, it does not keep the setting through a cold or
: warm boot cycle, and when I run Linux, it will only display on the LCD.

: If its any help the VGA BIOS says "Cirrus Logic CL-GD6410 version 2.03"

: Suggestions?

My laptop with this Cirrus Logic chipset uses an external command to switch

the video output from LCD to external. If I remember correctly the name was
Don't know how to handle this under Linux.
If you can program it yourself you should take a look at Ralf Brown's Interrupt
list, which contains some info about it.


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