Video driver for Trident 9680 card and MetroX

Video driver for Trident 9680 card and MetroX

Post by Nate Clar » Thu, 17 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I followed what looked like the recommended path for RedHat Linux
and picked the MetroX implementation of X.  Bad idea, maybe....

I don't see a MetroX driver for the Trident 9680 video card in configX.  
Two questions:
  (1) does anybody know where I can find a MetroX driver?
  (2) should I be using  XFree86 instead?

By the way, this is an Intel type machine.

Please reply via email.  Thanks in advance.

- nate clark


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    I'm in a situation here...  Got my choice of a Trident 9680 or a Cirrus
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    They're both supported under Win/NT 4.0..  Here's the rub - Which is the
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             Heath Doane

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