Help: MetroLink Part II.

1. Linux directory permissions PART II (newbie request help)

Back again.  Gee you'd think the freenet wouldn't be so impolite
to log users off at 4a.m. with a load average of 0.6 and 26 out
of 170 possible lines in use 8-)

My understanding is that "ls" by itself should only require a
group permission of "R" if the user is not the owner to list the
contents of a directory as long as the user does not try to
"cd" into the directory first.

i.e. "ls /home/otheruser/directory"

where otheruser is "drwxr-xr-x" & directory is "drwxr--r--"

but ls -l will fail in this case because ls -l has to recurse to
obtain inode info etc.
I am running a 1.1.59 kernel from Slackware Pro v2.2 using the
ext2 file system.  I have recompiled my own kernal from the
provided sources for no network (yet!) and a Mitsumi CD ROM
and SoundBlaster Pro.  I have managed to get Doom running with
sound in X after creating my own video files for my generic
el cheapo S3 805 based VL Bus video so I suspect that Linux is
fairly happy and I haven't made too many blunders.

Where can I get a copy of the Linux System Admin Guide?

Is it out yet?  I have the Net. Admin Book from O'Reily and it's
great (Beats the pants off Netware manuals :-).  I'm hooked.  I
promise if you help I'll take the Linux Oath of allegiance and
trash my Messy Dog disks.

Bruce Gordon

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