Making the mouse move smoother in X

Making the mouse move smoother in X

Post by Albert Wiersc » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Is there a way to make mouse movement smoother in X like it is in Windows? I
have the accelerating set so that the mouse will make big jumps when I start
moving the mouse a bit... but the jumps it makes are too big! Windows
doesn't do this. I think the "jumps" Windows makes are proportional to the
speed at which the mouse is moving, whereas X seems to make the same large
jumps if the mouse is moving faster than some threshold. And I don't want to
slow the acceleration down because I like the fast mouse. Anything I can do?



1. Mouse makes noise when moved after X4.0.2 upgrade

Hi folks.

I'm out of ideas on this one: I upgraded my RH 6.2 install from the
XFree 3.3.6-whatever it shipped with to Xfree 4.0.2, as a prelude to
doing 4.0.3, as required for the NVIDIA drivers, as required for Quake3.  

I downloaded the .tgz modules and ran the terminal-based install
sequence.  It seemed to go fine, and I can startx and everything looks

However, when I move the mouse (whether in X mode or at a tty terminal),
I hear faint clicks through the speakers.  This didn't happen before.

I pored through Deja/Google and found lots of similar reports from over
the years, but only "me too"s or "get a new sound/video card"s for

It seems clear there's some kind of mouse/sound card conflict, but this
didn't happen before the 4.0.2 install, and I haven't got the vaguest
idea what to do.  It's a plain microsoft ps/2 mouse (set to "PS/2",
/dev/mouse in XF86Config), and a PnP soundblaster card that Red Hat
detected fine (soundconfig sets it up fine).

Any tips or ideas appreciated.


Steve Linberg

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