Help, installed 3.1.2b, now incompatible library error '.lib/'

Help, installed 3.1.2b, now incompatible library error '.lib/'

Post by Gain » Tue, 13 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I'm still on a learning curve with linux and x so
thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Problem: I was running Slackware install of Linux 1.2.3
with xfree86 3.1.1 with no problem, it all worked great.
I decide to upgrade my cirrus isa video card to a trident 9440
Only the new beta 3.1.2b seems to work with this card so I install

x will run okay, but some things still aren't quite right. I get
the following error message when I do run x:

xterm: using incompatible library '/lib/'
         Desire minor version >= 7 and found 6

I know this means I need to upgrade a library from ..6 to ..7 or
above. But the error gives only a partial path, I look
all over for the exact location but could not find it.

There are a number of libraries in different location throughout
the system, but nothing that matches /lib/

Where is it location on my system, and where can I find the
upgrade? And are there any other libraries I should be


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: I recently upgraded to GCC 2.6.2 which requires the c library version
: 4.6.27.  So I installed this, and it stuck in my /lib
: directory.  But still exists there, and when I run gcc, it
: says 'using incompatible library 'lib/'.  I mistakenly
: removed 4.5.26 and had big problems.  So how do I tell gcc to recognize
: 4.6.27?, I must be missing a step.  (I just used pkgtool to load both gcc
: and the new libc (and libg++, include, image, and extralib).)  Anyway,
: any help would be appreciated.

I have the same problem but with 4.5.26. I run 4.4 now and have
installed all 4.5-files(I have copied all the files from a machine
with 4.5 from /lib). I have made the symlink point to my new
library, but it still uses 4.4. Anyone?


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