X & Netscape Problem Solutions with more RAM

X & Netscape Problem Solutions with more RAM

Post by +ren » Fri, 15 Jan 1999 04:00:00

In all fairness to Netscape, make sure that when you run a desktop in
-bpp 32 resolution that you have a minimum of 64megs of ram in your box.
This overcomes many problems running x apps in this kind of environment.
Having only 32m of RAM is going to cause problems that others who
develope the apps don't have. This is because they have a minimum of 64
when coding the client.

at a prompt type dmesg to see how much memory the box you're on is
then run the xserver and do a grep of the / directory on a particular
file. If it takes you more than a few minutes then you need more ram. If
you have an xload doc app and the graph freezes temporarily on you when
you start and close x apps then you need more ram and also need to stop
trying for a software solution.

64m is enough RAM to run most x apps in high resolution. More couldn't

If you're still having problems run the application from a vt100
terminal by typing in the name of the app.
% netscape

Use netscape normally and note any messages that come up on the term.
This is where I first learned that netscape 4.5 has a memory hole.
Having more RAM is only a temporary solution for that particular


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