RE : XDM shutdown - getting a console

RE : XDM shutdown - getting a console

Post by Kevin Korb O » Wed, 08 Nov 1995 04:00:00

  Another thing you can do is leave your system at run level 5 and run
xdm from your rc.local file.  If you run it as a background process (xdm &)
you will get all of your text consoles and xdm.

: >How do I shut down XDM and obtain a normal text based login.  If I log in as root and kill the xdm process I am returned
: >to a text shell , but the keyboard does not respond and I can only do a ctrl-alt-del.
: >

: Tom,

: I don't know a way of getting a login prompt after shutting
: down XDM, although I wonder whether it could be done from
: within the rc.4 file (where 4 is the runlevel which starts
: XDM on boot?).  You could try putting a login line after
: the xdm line, thus when the xdm process is killed you would
: get a login prompt (see 'man login').  I'm not saying this
: will work, mind you, it's just an idea.

: You could also switch to the free console using Alt-F6
: after X has been killed.  By default for the runlevel
: which starts xdm there is a single spare console set up
: on Alt-F6 or Alt-F7.  You can login there.  

: I kill xdm using Ctrl-R from the xdm login prompt - much
: easier than having to login as root and kill it. Check
: the xdm resources in /usr/lib/X11/xdm and see whether
: you have this bound in - you need cpp in order to parse
: the resource file though.  If you have customised your
: login then you will have already been through this
: process, most likely.

: The number of consoles set up is determined by the lines
: in /etc/inittab - check the lines relevant to runlevel
: 4 and modify some others to include runlevel 4 if you
: want more consoles when X runs.  Note though, that
: more consoles = more resources.

: Alternatively, you could log in as root in the spare console
: after shutting down X and do a 'telinit 5'.  This takes
: the machine to runlevel 5, and I think it starts all
: consoles specified in inittab for that runlevel (defaults
: to 6 consoles).

: I hope this helps.  If you need any clarification of these
: points give me a buzz.

: Charlie


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