xf configuration for ATI Expresson?

xf configuration for ATI Expresson?

Post by James Cassi » Wed, 18 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I've been trying to get my linux box set up for a 2Meg PCI ATI
Expression card with no success.

When I run startx, I get a blank screen.  Would anyone have
a working config file for this configuration they could send me?
(The monitor is a Sony Multiscan 17se)




1. XF 3.1 vs XF 3.1.1 Server for S3 chips...

I have an Orchid 1280+/VLB board which works fine using the 3.1 server.

However, I never could 'update' to 3.1.1 because I couldn't get the server
to work correctly.  With the old XF86Config file, the monitor would switch
frequency but hang the machine and go completely to black.

After installing Caldera (which uses 3.1.1) I replace *both* xinit
and XF86_S3 with those from 3.1 and it works fine.  I had to replace
both because just replacing the server gave the same hangin' response.

What changed in the server which would cause this problem?  I shouldn't
think that a minor-minor version change (bug fix release) would cause
such problems.

Any suggestions.

Kevin Ruland

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