Where is libX11.so.6

Where is libX11.so.6

Post by Daniil Ut » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 04:32:20

Hello everyone,

I've recently uploaded gnuplot from sunsite. The problem is that when
I run it, it looks for libX11.so.6 and I only have libX11.so.3
I've searched for libX11.so.6 but could not find it :(

Does anyone know where to get it?

Thank you

Please e-mail to


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For X, I need libX11.so.6.  When I run xstart, it says can't find
libX11.so.6.  I have libX11.so.3.  I ran ld.so.1.5.2 and it went to
libX11.so.3.1.0.  But I need 6.  Where do I find this library?  Thanks for
any help.

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