SOLUTION to PS Mouse on a Packard Bell PC and XF86

SOLUTION to PS Mouse on a Packard Bell PC and XF86

Post by Jorge Palosch » Sat, 10 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Thanks to all who answered my posting on this problem. It is now solved,
thanks to the tip of Graham Williams. I have downloaded a new kernel:

The default Debian kernel apparently no longer supports PS/2 mice.


PS:Got my serial mouse back! :-)


1. PS Mouse on a Packard Bell PC and XF86

My son is trying to configure Linux on a Packard Bell PC. The mouse is
connected to the PS port and refuses to work. Some days ago, somebody
posted an article about this, and it was recommended to use /dev/psaux.
Our Linux does not have such a device (it is Debian unstable
distribution about 2 months old). We tried a serial mouse (pinched from
my PC!), and it works fine using the serial port.
Any hints would be appreciated. Guys, please help, I want my serial
mouse back!


PS:Unfortunately my son is taller than me, therefore I need a scientific
solution to get my mouse back.

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