Problems with SuSE permedia server and Expert Media PM3040

Problems with SuSE permedia server and Expert Media PM3040

Post by Henrik Modig » Sat, 11 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I've got an Expert media PM3040 video board and tried to use the
XSuSE_Elsa_Gloria server but it segfaults after identifying the chip.

Has anyone been able to successfully configure a similar system? If so, I
would appreciate any help concerning this matter.'


Henrik Modigh
ICQ: 1038197


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I have been using the X-SuSE-Elsa_GLoria server for Diamond FireGL 1000 Pro
on Redhat 5.0 and FreeBSD.Works great. No problems. You can get the
xserver  from They provide  a modified xf86config card
database so you can config just like any other supported card.

I upgraded from an old 2MB S3 card. I'm very happy with the Diamond card.


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