Modeline Question

Modeline Question

Post by James Bryan (Jim » Mon, 12 Jun 1995 04:00:00


Please help me, if you can with this little problem that I seem to have with
X-Windows.  I have a CTX1451GM Monitor, and I can't seems to get the Modelines
up and working correctly.  

I can get it up and running, but it only okay at best.  If anyone has the
modeline settings for this particular monitor, please share!


James Wilson


1. Screen Flicker / Modeline Question

i've a problem with X: The screen flickers especially when I scroll
windows or move the mouse.

After searching news/web for similar articles I found a Modeline which
is not perfect but much better than the ones I used before (couldn't
figure a good one by changing values):

This one is OK but needs still improvement:
Modeline        "1280x1024" 136.00 1280 1336 1528 1632 1024 1024 1027 1051

This one is awfull:
   #Modeline    "1280x1024" 136.31 1280 1344 1600 1735 1024 1024 1036 1069

Actually the "good" modeline is not exactly the one I found. I rather
had an 1200x900 modeline which the author said to be ok. Then I made my
1280x1024 modeline based up the smaller one by using the same delta
values between screen resolution and the hsyn/vsync.

I have Elsa Victory Erazor LT Card with Riva 128 ZX Chipset and 8Mb Ram.
The Monitor is a MAG MX 21F 21".

However if I connect another monitor (Iiyama Vision Master Pro 450 19")
the second modeline is perfect. Only the older Mag makes troubles.

On the same system (Elsa-Card + Mag Monitor) Windows has absolutely no
problem with flickering. I tried it with Win98, Win2000 and WinXP.

Does someone have
a) a solution and answer to this
b) a "perfect" modeline for my monitor?
c) an exact formula of how to derive the perfect modeline for a special
monitor (like the modeline faq which wasn't very usefull for my problem)

Thanks in advance,

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